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Top Environmentally Friendly/Green Gifts

Buying gifts is not always easy. Add into your search a gift that leaves only the lightest footprint on the planet and your search may feel even more challenging. However, here we have some of the top green gifts for you to choose from to suit everyone on your gift list.


Upcycling is when you give new life to old objects. Upcycling not only prevents things from ending up in the trash, but it also helps reduce the amount of natural resources that are needed to make new things. Be imaginative, old bicycle handlebars can become a hanger for bags, or a bicycle. Create a new piece of jewellery from a broken charm bracelet or a work of art from the innards of a broken watch.

Gift an experience

Consider buying a lesson for your recipient. A cookery course, art class, studio session, foreign language course or sports activity will create good memories, particularly if you join in. You may want to sign up the family to do the activity throughout the course of the year.
Tickets to a live event are something that everyone can appreciate, whether it be sport, music or dance. Live performances can be inspirational. If you’re buying tickets for a family, check the event is suitable for the children’s ages, or book a babysitter once the date is fixed.

Symbolically Adopt an Animal

Support wildlife conservation and adopt your recipient’s favourite animal. Many organizations offer the chance to symbolically adopt an animal and will usually send a plush version of the animal and educational materials about the species. This a great present for a child whilst also teaching them about wildlife conservation. Adults who are particularly passionate about a particular species are likely to appreciate the donation made on their behalf.

toysGifts for children

It is not always easy to find a high quality toy that is eco-friendly and ethically sourced. Look online for toy manufacturers with fair trade certification, sustainable sourcing or domestic production according to your priorities. One idea is ‘liquid glass’ which is a putty made of a silicone-based inert non-toxic synthetic rubber that oozes and kneads and bounces so you can make it into a sculpture one day and a ball the next.

Gifts for coffee lovers

Order a gift subscription for the coffee lover. Fair trade coffees they can choose for themselves can be sent each fortnight or month. As they drink their caffeine hit, your recipient will know they are supporting farmer-owned cooperatives that are small-scale producers where working practices are good and a living wage, above average, is paid.

Slow fashion gifts for men and women

Slow fashion is the opposite of disposable fashion. Slow fashion is thoughtful and enduring designs so that you own fewer, better items. Slow fashion also use sustainable materials and environmentally-friendly production methods. Slow fashion gifts are useful and beautiful, practical and long-lasting, socially responsible, fair-trade gifts, whether it be a pair of socks or a classic sweater.